Michigan Stadium Scoreboard Replacement


The University of Michigan

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Ann Arbor, MI


The University of Michigan




General Contracting, Self-Perform Civil, Self-Perform Concrete, Self-Perform Interiors, Self-Perform Structural Steel Erection


North + South Scoreboard Expansion

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Project Overview

The Michigan Stadium Scoreboard Replacement Project began as soon as their 2022-2023 football season ended. Ideal Contracting was the primary general contractor for the project, which included expanding the North and South scoreboards and a renovated video production center inside the Crisler Center.

The project’s purpose was to enhance Michigan Stadium’s fan experience by expanding the video boards on each end of the stadium and enhancing the board’s technology. The scope of work centered around the installation of (4) deep caisson foundations to house (4) new scoreboard columns. There were (18) anchor bolts for each column, with each measuring approximately 36 FT long and weighing 600 pounds. Likewise, each column weighed approximately 70 tons on its own. The anchor bolts were encased into the 13 FT x 80 FT caissons to support each of the massive scoreboard columns. Once the columns were erected, work began immediately to erect and weld the scoreboard expansion steel, which was self-performed by Ideal Contracting under a separate contract with Mitsubishi Electric. Ideal Contracting self-performed all civil, steel, concrete, and carpentry for our general contracting scope of the project.

Several challenges were faced throughout the Scoreboard Replacement Project. Ideal Contracting and our subcontractors were working as guests inside an active facility with various activities, events, and Michigan staff around at all times. This prompted Ideal to perform daily and weekly schedule walkthroughs and sequence coordination to ensure that all parties were on the same page with construction activities, progress, safety, and external event planning with the University. Another unique challenge our project team faced was the challenge of rock obstructions while drilling the caissons, causing delays in the project’s schedule. This was overcome by developing a revised schedule and project-specific drilling sequence, which expedited the drilling process and helped absorb all delays. The project was delivered successfully within the tight timeframe between the 2022 and 2023 college football seasons.

Project Highlights

  • (4) 13 x 80 FT Deep foundation caissons
  • (4) 70 ton scoreboard columns
  • 16.5 CY of concrete placed

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