Future Adaptability


Owners value the flexibility that steel-framed buildings provide, such as the ability to modify or expand their facilities with minimal disruption and cost. Steel beams and columns can be reinforced to carry additional load without significantly impacting existing floor plans.

Automotive giant General Motors has undergone multiple expansions and renovations over the years. As GM’s organization has evolved, the requirements of its facilities have as well. In 2015 GM invested in expanding its Flint General Assembly Plant to produce additional trucks, and most recently, a $2.2 billion investment into the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant was announced to produce battery electric vehicles.

In 2014, Ideal Contracting self-performed the steel erection of four logistical operation centers built off the existing Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant, totaling 425,000 SF. The expansion provided additional space for light part assembly, reducing lead time during production.

A significant expansion of the Flint General Assembly commenced in 2015. Ideal Contracting erected approximately 11,000 tons of steel for the expansion. This included a new 1-million SF body shop, a 400,000 SF addition to general assembly, and a 3,000 LF body conveyor that connects the body shop to general assembly to allow for added truck production.

These steel-framed buildings are perfect examples of how initial investment into a facility can add long-term value for an owner. General Motors was able to easily adapt an existing facility to accommodate its new business objectives.

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