Oakland University Heating Hot Water Replacement to Hill House


John E Green

Project Stats

Rochester Hills, MI


Oakland University




Self-Perform Civil, Self-Perform Concrete


600 LF Trench, 30X10 Vault

Project Size

Project Overview

Working as a subcontractor to John E Green, Ideal Contracting excavated approximately 600 LF of trench and 800 CY of dirt to replace the hot water piping system to Hill House located in the heart of the Oakland University campus. Additionally, Ideal placed 200 CY of concrete of sidewalk replacement, anchor blocks, and a new 30’x10’ vault.

Construction took place during an abnormally wet season which presented possible hazardous conditions for work being performed in the trenches. The field proactively planned for the weather by tracking the storms, allowing them to prepare the site for the rain. They bermed open excavations to prevent water from ponding in the trench.

Another challenge the team faced was the unknown underground utilities that interfered with excavation. After being flagged with GPRS, they began with hydro excavation to locate the utilities. This assured them that no utilities would be interrupted, and continue with mechanical digging.

Collaboration between Oakland University, John E. Green, and Ideal Contracting was critical in making the project successful.

Project Highlights

  • Excavation of approximately 600 LF of trench and 800 CY of dirt
  • 200 CY of concrete placed

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