Women In Construction: Rana Shepperson, Sr. Project Accountant


Meet Rana Shepperson! Rana has been a Senior Project Accountant at Ideal for 16 years and in the construction industry for 32 years.

What is the career path you took?

I originally started out in banking and then moved to construction. Julie Pilarski, Ideal’s Controller, convinced me to take an interview at an electrical contractor years ago and I have been in the industry ever since.

What are your thoughts on the industry?

Technology from years back to now is substantially different. Within the office, I see better processes with billing through portals, scanning invoices, and contracts, eliminating the piles of paperwork and folders. On-site, technology is advancing with the use of handheld devices, which make it easier to view blueprints in the field and track real-time problems/issues. In my opinion, the biggest change in this industry overall is safety. Over the past years, everyone has come to understand the critical need for safety and that it is most important.

What are your favorite parts of your job and a challenge within your position?

I enjoy working and building relationships with the subcontractors. Some people don’t understand the importance of having these relationships, but I believe our subcontractors can make or break a project. Working as a team is very crucial to the success of a project. There are a couple of challenges that I have experienced within my position as a Senior Project Accountant; I have learned that maintaining communication with the project team is key. Various job sites can cause a disconnect, which can hinder the performance of a job.

In celebration of Women In Construction Week, what women have empowered you in your life?

My mother empowered me at a young age. She always taught me to believe in myself. She said, “If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?” I have always remembered those words and lived by them.

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