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Site development is the foundation of any project, whether it’s an adaptive reuse or new construction. It’s essential to engage a team that can evaluate existing site conditions and develops strategies that will meet the client’s goals. Ideal Contracting recently completed an expansion and renovation for a confidential automotive client, which aimed to consolidate their design team into a central location.

The existing site is in a suburban area with environmental restrictions on expansion. The restrictions were vast; however, the most challenging constraints to manage included woodland area preservation and stormwater control. Our client, having goals of environmental protection and sustainability, was not only eager to adhere to the jurisdictional restrictions but also desired to make their newly expanded and renovated facility as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable materials were utilized throughout the project. However, the most significant sustainability initiatives implemented in the design, engineering, and construction of the site and building were the geothermal heating and cooling system, rainwater harvesting system, and the stormwater retention system, including pervious pavement surfaces to mitigate excess stormwater runoff.

To facilitate the construction of the geothermal well field and the underground stormwater detention system, approximately 2 acres of the site required a 6′ to 12′ undercut. The undercut was designed to provide varying elevations to direct stormwater outside of the detention area to the 4,100 CF detention system.

The geothermal system was the main source of heating and cooling to the building and under pavement snowmelt system. The geothermal system included (60) 430-feet deep wells. The rainwater harvesting system is the main source of non-potable water systems within the facility. These environmentally sustainable designed systems were implemented to mitigate the carbon footprint of the site.

Ideal Contracting self-performed all civil and concrete activities within the scope of the project. Approximately 60,000 CY of earth was removed, and 5,660 CY of concrete placed.

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