Making Progress at the University of Michigan Scoreboard Replacement Project


Ideal Contracting is actively working at the University of Michigan to replace the existing scoreboards inside the “Big House,” the university’s iconic football stadium. Serving as the general contractor, Ideal is expanding the existing scoreboards at each endzone with deep foundations to support the new extensions and screen sizes. Additionally, we will be making upgrades to the control room, located inside the Crisler Center, to further enhance the gameday experience for university staff and fans.

Construction is already underway at the stadium. Currently, the caissons are being drilled through very difficult soil conditions. Each caisson is filled with a 65′ rebar cage, 36′ anchor bolts, and over 300 yards of concrete. The majority of the foundation structures will be completed soon with the new scoreboard columns scheduled to be delivered later this month. These columns will be transported with a 9-axel highway max trailer for delivery to the site, with the heaviest load being over 150,000 lbs.

In addition to our contract, Ideal will also be performing structural steelwork while serving as a subcontractor to Mitsubishi, furthering our scope of work for the scoreboard upgrades.

The project will be completed before the Wolverines and their fans return to the Big House next Fall for the 2023-2024 football season. We are thrilled to be bringing the vision of the University of Michigan to life through this exciting project, and we are eager for their staff, students, and fans to enjoy the upgraded scoreboards and gameday experience.

You can follow along with this exciting project using this live stream provided by the University of Michigan:

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