Ideal Contracting an AISC Certified Steel Erector


The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) programs are the most nationally recognized certification programs within the steel industry. The Certified Erector program is a proactive QA/QC program that sets standards, protocols, and policies for contractors within the steel industry. The program intends to create a minimum set of standards that contractors follow and practice during erection activities to help decrease errors in both quality and safety.

To obtain and maintain an AISC certified erector certification, you must go through an annual evaluation conducted by an AISC accredited auditor. The evaluation includes both an internal audit of your companies Quality Management System and an on-site project specific audit.

Being an AISC certified erector communicates to our customers that Ideal Contracting maintains and utilizes a robust QA/QC program throughout all of our steel erection activities. In-house quality testing, internal DCR findings, lessons learned issue sharing, and the program’s universal documentation protocol are excellent examples of how the program saves projects time and money.

Since becoming AISC certified in 2013, Ideal Contracting has self-performed over 1,500,000 steel erection man-hours on projects across various markets such as automotive/manufacturing, higher education, sports & entertainment, and heavy industrial.

This week we’ll be highlighting some of the many benefits of utilizing structural steel framed buildings in lieu of alternate concrete and timber frame options.

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