Delivering GM A Space for EV Battery Testing


Ideal Contracting’s Special Projects Group is working with General Motors to build a new electric vehicle battery testing facility for the GM Milford Proving Ground. General Motors will use this completely blast-proof space to test EV batteries and, when complete, have outdoor storage for storing defective batteries. Our team has moved over 1,100 cubic yards of earth, placed 350 yards of concrete, and erected 15 tons of steel thus far for the battery lab.

This collaborative design-build project is the first battery tear-down lab at the Milford Proving Ground. Ideal Contracting and GM have worked closely on how to meet all the required fire and blast ratings, as well as how to accommodate the building’s expansive electrical equipment. Some interesting aspects of the design include the specially designed blowout panels and the intense ventilation and fire suppression system that mitigate the immense pressures and blast potential of any compromised EV batteries. The entire project team’s working relationships and open communication are proving key to the ongoing success of the Milford Proving Ground battery lab. We are proud to help deliver GM a dedicated space to appropriately test and teardown experimental electric vehicle batteries.

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