Build U Intern Spotlight: Wyatt Williams



Wyatt Williams

School: Ferris State University

Studying: Construction Management


What are you looking to get out of this internship?

I am looking to gain real life experience so that I can have a better understanding of the career path options I have. I want to find a company that I can see myself building a career at, and a company that takes pride in the work they do along with the well-being of their employees.

What goals do you have within the construction industry?

I want to build a successful career for myself. One where I can look back at with pride in the projects I was a part of and to see the impact they made to the customer and the surrounding community.

What has been the best experience in the Build U Internship Program so far?

My best experience so far has been getting to work alongside the team here in Pontiac and absorbing all the knowledge they have to offer. I enjoy all trips to the unions because it allows us to see all sides of the construction industry.

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