Build U Intern Spotlight: Connor Harris



Connor Harris

School: Eastern Michigan University

Studying: Construction Management

What are you looking to get out of this internship?

I am looking forward to learning more about the actual construction processes of different systems to help aid me in my estimating skills. I also hope to learn more about the PDPM process and the proper channels you must take to complete a project correctly.

What goals do you have within the construction industry?

My goal is to eventually become a project manager in the construction industry. A short-term goal of mine is to get a part-time job while I finish school and then to eventually get a full-time job upon my graduation from Eastern Michigan University.

What has been the best experience in the Build U Internship Program so far?

The best experience has been the hands-on tours (especially the operators) as it gives you real insight into what the guys in the field must go through to complete the job. I also found that the internship shadowing was very informative as myself and fellow interns had differing roles as well as how every job is unique and requires different tasks to be completed.

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