Springtime Construction Safety Tips


We are now over a week into the Spring season, and the weather is continuing to warm up slowly. With the warmer weather and the abundance of rain that we typically experience during this time of year, it is extremely important to be mindful of the safety hazards that can arise. Here are several tips to consider during the Spring months.


Be Mindful of the Mud:

April showers bring May flowers, but they also create wet and muddy conditions that can affect our safety on the job site. Take these adverse weather conditions into account when working both inside and outside on the job. Some preventative measures to consider include:

  • Wipe all mud from boots before entering a building or mounting equipment.
  • Slow down and watch your footing.
  • Maintain clean work areas to prevent mud from being tracked in.
  • Monitor ground stability.


Wear the Proper PPE:

Spring is a season in which we usually see plenty of rain, fog, and mud, all of which can cause problems on the job site. To maintain the safety of yourself and those around you, utilize the appropriate PPE such as:

  • Anti-fog safety glasses to keep a clear field of vision.
  • Bright, reflective outer gear when working in rainy and low-visibility areas.
  • Slip-resistant boots.


Review Storm Safety:

The weather can be unpredictable at times, and Spring is notorious for unexpected rain, winds, and even thunderstorms. Quick changes in weather require swift action to maintain everyone’s safety on the job site. Use the following actions to make sure you and your team are prepared for any type of weather you may experience:

  • Review protocols with safety managers.
  • Watch the forecast and sky for unexpected weather.
  • Help team members understand what to do in harmful weather situations.


In addition to taking these safety measures on the job, many of these can also be applied when you are at home. Spring is a season in which everyone is outside preparing for the long Summer ahead. Be wary of the hazardous conditions that may be present in and around your house and take every precaution possible so that you and your family remain safe during this time of year.

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