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Ideal Contracting’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has encountered a downward trend throughout the past three years, with a decrease from 0.60 in 2017 to 0.44 in 2019. As a result, the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM) has recognized Ideal with the Lowest EMR Status award.

Our EMR is not an achievement from any one individual. It is a team effort that every employee continuously contributes to by working safely. It takes years of effort to get an EMR this low. Thank you to everyone for creating a culture that brings these kinds of results. – Jon Anglin, Director of Safety.


What is an EMR?

An EMR plays a large factor within a construction company. The average construction industry EMR is 1.00. This number is calculated by comparing the history of past claims of a company to other companies within the industry. The number is then used by the company’s insurance provider to determine the premium for workers’ compensation. The EMR can also have an impact when bidding jobs. The higher the EMR, the higher the insurance premiums are, which are then passed on to the customer through increased bid numbers. Overall, the most important aspect of a low EMR is the reflection of a company’s success in protecting its employees.

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