Safe Work Practices When Operating A Lull


What should we do when operating a lull?

  • Inspect your equipment prior to use.
  • When operating inside a building, in tight areas, or when your vision is blocked, utilize a spotter.
  • Plan your route of travel.
  • Utilize other equipment on site such as a Kubota and utility cart when working in an area with height restrictions.
  • When the forklift is parked, make sure the forks are flat on the ground, the controls set to neutral, and the parking brake has been applied.
  • When traveling on roadways, have orange or an orange triangle on the back of the machine & observe all safety laws.
  • Select the proper rigging for the fork truck, do not rig anything to the mask of forks.
  • Follow the speed limit for your site.
  • Site conditions may change your speed throughout the day, so pay attention!


Safe Work Practices When Operating A Lull

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