Construction Safety Week 2022


Construction Safety Week is a reminder to us all of the importance of having safe work environments. We will be embracing this year’s theme of Connected. Supported. Safe. to spread awareness about the challenges we face within the construction industry and how to overcome them by working together.

This year’s Safety Week theme is especially meaningful because it is shedding light on something that seems to get overshadowed in our industry: Mental Health. Typically, much of the focus that is put on safety measures is directed toward our physical health by promoting things like fall arrest systems and PPE. This is obviously for good reason because without those kinds of safety measures, there would be a greater possibility for accidents to occur. With that being said, the mental fitness of the men and women out in the field is just as important to the safety standards of our industry overall.

“Ideal Contracting continuously strives to create a safe work environment. We, as individuals, are mindful that keeping our mental fitness is as important as our physical fitness. When we experience fatigue, we purposefully make the time to rest our minds and bodies as we prepare for the next workday.

Before leaving our homes, our first task is to do a personal safety check on how well we have mentally and physically prepared for the day’s work.

Why is this daily personal safety check important? Every day, we make a personal commitment to Ideal Contracting’s Safety and Core Values. Daily, we lay the foundation for our individual and team members’ safety and well-being. Safety Brings Us Home. This ritual will help us Stay Ahead and Be the Best!”


Frank Venegas Jr.
Chairman and CEO


To promote the mental well-being of our teams, we must be connected with each other. Being empathetic and understanding will go a long way. Additionally, we must support each other and ensure that no one is left as an outsider. Being supportive does not mean agreeing with someone, but instead being an advocate for their well-being. This is how we work together to keep everyone safe while still focusing on getting the job done.

Ideal Contracting is thrilled to be celebrating Construction Safety Week with our team as well as the industry. Please join us in continuing to spread safety awareness and ultimately bring everyone home safely each night.

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