Toyota Powertrain Lab Expansion Phase 2

At a glance

Project Overview:

The Toyota Powertrain Expansion Phase 2 project was one of the final projects in Toyota’s 4-year corporate realignment.  It provided building functionality for powertrain engineering, research, and development, and provided office space for Toyota Team Members being consolidated to the Ann Arbor R & D campus from southern California.  The completed facility includes (3) new engine dynamometer labs, (2) environmental chassis dynamometer labs with temperature ranges of -40*C to +40*C, (2) four-wheel drive chassis dynamometers, associated control rooms, metrology laboratories, and catalyst preparation laboratories.  In addition to all of the added research, development, and test spaces, all necessary building and environmental management systems were provided including gas detection, refrigerant detection, emergency safety alarms and shutdowns, exhaust mitigation equipment (RTO), and on-site power generating equipment that not only satisfies the needs of the building, but also provides power to the grid.

All civil infrastructure was provided for the building including new pavements, parking areas for 223 vehicles, and above ground fuel storage and distribution facilities for the 7 different fuel types utilized in powertrain research, development, and testing.  All necessary environmental safety controls and mitigation measures were also provided as part of the site construction.  Because the site location consumed valuable pervious areas, the site work required pervious pavements and underground stormwater detention facilities.

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