Toyota R + D Calty Design Studio Expansion

At a glance

Project Overview:

Ideal Contracting was awarded the general contracting package for the Research & Development Calty Design Studio Expansion. The purpose of this project is to consolidate Toyota’s Calty Design Studio team into a central location on the Toyota R & D campus in Ann Arbor, MI. All vehicle design, modeling, clay models, and paint facilities are being constructed as part of this effort.

The site proposed numerous challenges in logistics and operations. The owner decided to maintain occupancy with its designers during construction. Temporary services had to be provided for the building occupants. These services included HVAC, environmental controls, power, and domestic services. Sanitary services were provided by means of temporary toilet room trailer facilities. The entire parking lot was removed to allow for new building foundations, new underground utilities, new underground storm detention, and a new geothermal well system. Ideal provided temporary access walk paths for Toyota personnel and worked closely with the Toyota project team to resolve the parking issues by proposing alternate locations for Toyota Team Member parking. Toyota supported this effort by providing a shuttle service for its team members.

The schedule was extremely aggressive. Ideal worked closely with the Toyota Project Team to develop an alternative logistics plan that allowed for Toyota Team Members to utilize the existing parking lot during the early stages of the project such that a plan could be developed for Team Member parking. The alternative logistics plan allowed for demolition efforts to commence early in the schedule such that site work and foundations could commence. Additionally, Ideal placed the foundations on an overtime schedule and re-sequenced the original steel erection plan to gain time in the schedule.

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