Sodecia Centerline 2500 Ton Stamping Press Program

At a glance

Project Overview:

This turnkey project involved the complete demolition of a portion of an existing facility to make room for a new building and a 2,755-square-foot addition to the existing structure. The project also included the design and installation of a new pit for a 2,500-ton stamping press, an overhead crane and a press and scrap conveyor system.

To maintain the project schedule during the harsh winter conditions, Ideal worked on the new pit inside the existing building. When the pits were complete, the building was demolished. The new building was erected to house a new 40-ton overhead crane, scrap conveyor, press pit and 2,500-ton press. Caissons were implemented in the design and tied into the existing foundation system of the new press building to add additional support required for the 40-ton overhead crane, die-cart and rail system.

The new 2,755-square-foot scrap building addition was constructed to house the new scrap conveyor system, with the purpose of loading containers with scrap from the press to be hauled off-site. A new access road was installed in the rear of the facility to provide a route for trucks to access the new scrap house addition loading area.

This project was held to a very strict schedule with a firm deadline in order to receive the new Fagor 2,500-ton press for the new building. Ideal Contracting was able to stick to this schedule as a result of planning, communication and an emphasis on safe practices. The final project was completed on time to the customer’s satisfaction.

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