NSI North American Headquarters Renovation

At a glance

Project Overview:

Located in the former Magna building, the NSI Renovation Project consisted of the renovation of approximately 113,000-square-feet of office space. The work included the demolition of existing demountable partitions, walls and flooring. New work consisted of walls, ceiling grid/tile, curtain wall, lighting, flooring, millwork, a new IT room and a back-up generator. The new design utilized as much of the existing systems and layout of the building as possible for the new construction.

This project required building demolition to be completed in phases allowing functional occupancy of completed phases while other areas of the building were being worked on. Demolition during occupancy created some challenges for the project staff. This obstacle and others were overcome by a coordinated project plan that was communicated to all partners prior to the start of construction. The committed team effort and outstanding team communication ensured on-time project delivery with great customer satisfaction. The newly renovated space is now home to the US headquarters for NSI North America.

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