Microsoft DIRTT Wall

At a glance

Project Overview:

In 2017, Microsoft decided to move its office space from Southfield to Detroit and create a more flexible and creative workplace for their employees.  The DIRTT Wall system was chosen to create Mircrosoft’s vision for its flexibility, functionality, and aesthetics.

Ideal Contracting worked with American Interiors to install the DIRTT wall systems at Microsoft’s new offices. This project was divided into phases with specific deadlines for each phase. Ideal Contracting managed these constraints by increasing the manpower and working double shifts to ensure the project was completed on schedule. Material deliveries were also managed closely to ensure that there were no interruptions to occupants. This project was not like other open office designs. Majority of the rooms were constructed from prefabricated wall systems with many different high-end materials. The project emphasized the limits of prefabricated wall systems and transformed Microsoft’s space into a modern and futuristic open office.

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