Little Caesars Arena Via Roof

At a glance

Project Overview:

Ideal Contracting was awarded the Via Roof project at the Little Caesars Arena which included the erection and detailing of (65) unique rafters between the arena and outer buildings AB and C.  The rafters were fabricated in Turkey, shipped overseas, and unloaded in Baltimore. They were then transported by escorted trucks to Ideal Contracting’s yard where they were unloaded and shaken out.

Ideal Contracting’s team also inventoried, prepped and loaded the rafters before delivering them to the worksite. Ideal followed an engineered erection plan in order to erect in a procedure that maximized space and capacity of the crane in an otherwise small footprint. Ideal laid out and checked the geometry of several rafters to splice and weld them in the field due to the extended length. Some rafters were up to 120 feet long. Once prepared for erection, the rafters were lifted and set in brackets that were installed on the Arena months earlier. This project was completed on time with no incidents to the satisfaction of the owner.

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