GM Pontiac Stamping Consolidation

At a glance

Project Overview:

The Pontiac Stamping Consolidation Program involved full Design-Build services for the installation of (1) AA3X press and (2) progressive presses.  The objective of this project was to consolidate the press line at the Pontiac Stamping Facility, as three presses were being relocated from other GM facilities.

The project included three new press pits, access hatches, mechanical and electrical utility trenches to the press pit, utility relocations, and a new scrap conveyor with tunnels servicing the three presses.  The scope of work included the demolition and removal of the existing concrete slabs and structural steel floor supports, earth retention systems, concrete press pits, first floor support structural steel and associated piers, lighting, fire protection and ventilation systems. Approximately 25,500 cubic yards of material was excavated and removed from the facility to an on-site location. The main building column and 65-ton overhead crane column required re-support with new building column foundations requiring (8) H-piles at a depth of 65 feet inside the facility.  Re-support was performed using hydraulic jacks and massive steel beams to temporarily support the columns and keep the overhead crane operational avoiding disruption of the plant’s daily operations.

All work was performed while the plant was in full operation, the plant experienced no downtime due to the construction activities.  Ideal Contracting successfully completed the design-build Pontiac Stamping Consolidation project ahead of schedule for General Motors.

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