GM Lansing Grand River LOC + Contiguous Stamping Plant

At a glance

Project Overview:

Ideal was contracted to self-perform the structural and miscellaneous steel for the GM Lansing Grand River Logistical Operations Center (LOC) and Contiguous Stamping Plant. The project delivery method was Design-Build and consisted of Test Wing 3 & 4 Annex, New Building E, and a Central Utility Plant. These enhancements were necessary to accommodate 18 new dynamometer cells for testing Powertrains. The project also includes several outbuildings including fuel pumping, fuel storage, and tanks. The new 275,000-square-foot stamping plant required over 3,500 tons of steel and ties into the existing Body Shop. The LOC project included a 400,000-square-foot Logistics Center addition and required 1,100 tons of steel.

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