GM GTC Cadillac North Tower and Cafeteria Renovations

At a glance

Project Overview:

The Global Tech Center Cadillac North Tower and Cafeteria Renovations project incorporated Design-Build services for the construction of the 1st and 2nd floor office areas. The project included the remodeling and construction of new team and conference rooms as well as a complete demolition and reconstruction of a new java city cafeteria and servery. The design utilized a natural yet contemporary theme for the servery area and incorporated reclaimed barn wood and a look-alike concrete, thin set tile for the columns. Resin with pieces of bamboo was applied for the soffit and modesty panels along with painted dimensional lumber. Constructed from quartz, the java city countertop aims to hold a naturally warm feel. The serving equipment and tables were constructed from dark walnut millwork and stainless steel, adding to the contemporary look along with the natural tile color selection. The team finished their project on schedule despite an unforeseen situation in the cafe area. Due to the eroded storm and sanitary lines, existing concrete flooring in the cafe and kitchen area required demolition and replacement.

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