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Project Overview:

Ideal Contracting is nearing completion on its largest self-perform steel project to date. This project includes the erection of 20,000 tons of structural and miscellaneous steel for a 5-level distribution facility.

Project Cougar is the third distribution facility Ideal Contracting has completed. The success of this project, thus far, is due to the early engagement with the client on sequencing and schedule. Completing the schedule early on allowed Ideal to control costs and manpower. At peak manpower, there were 135 ironworkers and operators on site. The 3,600,000 SF facility was constructed with (3) 999 cranes to assemble the core and shell, and (2) 30-ton cranes in the building’s interior to complete level 2 through 5.

The team faced construction delays due to adverse weather. To keep the project on schedule, they resequenced the core & shell, mezzanines, and added a 30-ton crane. The revised plan improved the schedule by three weeks. The resequencing plan included erecting the bar joists from the top level down to the second level. This allowed the decking to be laid sooner, further increasing productivity.

This project is scheduled to be completed at the end of January with a projected 150,000 man-hours.

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