Always be mindful

    • Be aware of potential hand hazards before an accident can occur.


Analyze the work task

    • Look out for pinch points, sharp edges, splinters or protruding objects, exposed blades on power tools, and harsh chemicals.


Determine the correct PPE

    • Wear gloves appropriate for the work task.
      • Example: Leather gloves offer little protection if working with chemicals as Nitrile gloves would be for protruding nails. If you’re unsure, talk to your Safety Rep to determine which level of hand protection is adequate.


In addition to workers being injured, there are other significant costs related to the project including:

  • Lost production time and lost time injuries
  • The cost associated with case management continued medical care expenses and recordable injuries
  • Increased RIR rates which have its own set of costs and consequences that could significantly affect company insurance costs


The good news is, with all the latest PPE advancements, hand injuries are more preventable than ever.  Of course, no glove will protect your hands if you’re not wearing them but staying mindful to avoid dangers and to protect your hands is the safest way to start your day.


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